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a barrel that holds beer


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Some of the thousands of scrap beer kegs stolen by the men.
DRAIN covers, crushed beer kegs and electrical cable were among eight tonnes of scrap metal seized by police in an operation to tackle its theft.
Unfortunately, I can't speak to the contents of the beer keg because, sadly, it arrived from the UK empty of beer after its surreptitious journey via containership and trawler over the Atlantic Ocean.
I finished my first motorcycle tank and I painted a beer keg.
A man is seriously ill in hospital after he was crushed under a beer keg at a brewery.
Micro Matic's outsourcing move would reportedly affect workers involved in the assembly and shipping of its beer keg and beverage tap components.
A total of four arrests was made, one for theft of a beer keg, one for obstruction, and two for being drunk and disorderly, between 3pm and 5pm in Southport.
After gliding through the clouds of popular acclaim like a Teflon goose, President Bush has seen his poll numbers drop faster than a beer keg falling out of the loading bay of an airborne C-130.
While also retrofitting its current beer keg inventory with EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags, the firm is now rolling the system out to incorporate all new kegs bought to containerize beer, based on the outcomes of that installation.
In Dearman's car, the liquid air is held in the beer keg before it flows into the engine.
A MAN who claimed his blood was found on a beer keg used to ram open a brewery door because he had been playing with it with his dog has avoided immediate jail.
In keeping with Bedworth's Victorian reputation as a hard-drinking town, the special time capsule was an empty beer keg.
On page 18 of Volume 12 Issue 11 ("Navy Scores Beer Keg" in Hits & Misses) there is an article on a beer keg.
Ten teams took part in this year's Hedley on the Hill Barrel Race, in which they ran uphill from Stocksfield in the Tyne Valley to the Feathers Inn carrying an empty nine-gallon beer keg.
The peace-wrecking haul of death includes a beer keg bomb ready to be used in an attack in the North.