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a hall or barroom featuring beer and (usually) entertainment

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This is one of Zurich's biggest beer halls and is located a couple of lanes down, off the Bahnhofstrasse, situated in a mediaeval arsenal.
With inspiration from the White House's recipes, the consulate shared a taste of American gastronomy rarely enjoyed in the beer halls of Munich.
King of the beer halls is the Hofbrau Haus, on Orlandostrasse, close to Marienplatz.
Each of the city's six breweries operates its own beer hall.
And the Hofbrauhaus, the huge beer hall next to the England team hotel, plans to stay open all Saturday.
THE beer halls of the Czech Republic are the blueprint for Pivo Pivo on Wellington Street in Glasgow.
Bigger males may trounce smaller ones in territorial clashes from beer halls to bug fights, but researchers in Brazil report what they call the first instance of the reverse: a natural territorial advantage for small size.
Always known for its beer halls where intellectuals could congregate and discuss the ills of living under a communist regime, the city is now alive at night with outdoor classical music concerts, clubs featuring all types of live jazz performances and a number of bars and dance venues.
The Czech capital of Prague with its skyline of towers and spires, beer halls and wine bars is another of Leger's holiday spots.
Everywhere from beer halls to parks, and even the occasional office, the ancient cry of the Alps is helping them stay calm.
In South Africa, he gravitated to one of Durban's black-only beer halls.
And if it doesn't hit, it's back to the beer halls.
There are 2,500, ranging from elegant cafes serving cakes and coffee to raucous beer halls throbbing to the sound of folk music machines.