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a hall or barroom featuring beer and (usually) entertainment

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Revellers wanting an authentic Bavarian beer hall experience could also hire out traditional lederhosen and dirndl.
Summary: From bustling beer halls off the Bahnhofstrasse to quirky hotspots in
The owners of the Austo-Hungarian restaurant and beer hall already have a 9,000 s/f location at 113 North Third Street in Williamsburg.
It is a music festival first for craft beer in Ireland and the Craft Collection Beer Hall will be the place to chill out and drink some great beers, including Blue Moon and Franciscan Well's Friar Weisse, Rebel Lager, Shandon Stout and Blarney Blonde.
Beer hall menus are filled with sausages, sauerkraut and leberkaese (think bologna meatloaf) and beer.
Angel City brewery launched two new beers on draft in Los Angeles, and the brewery and beer hall in downtown L.
1923: The Munich Beer Hall Putsch - marked the start of Hitler's rise to power in Germany.
Try the dramatic Beer Hall at the Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley between Kendal and Windermere.
Astoria, Queens is home to New York City's oldest beer garden, Bohemia Hall, a traditional beer garden that continues to do good business and has acted as the inspiration for two new, intriguing takes on the beer hall concept.
In the shadow of the cathedral, beer hall Fruh am Dam serves up hearty fare such as fried black pudding with potatoes and apple sauce (Am Hof 12-18).
It's a trackside beer hall, or rather a lager hall - albeit a fairly nice one, warm and with lots of TV sets - for the benefit of a new binocularun friendly breed of racegoer.
Auerbachs Keller, the beer hall frequented by Goethe, which features in the scene where Faust dines with the devil, remains one of the city's best known drinking venues and restaurants.
He had set up a business taking tourists around Cape Town's townships, visiting various points of interest including a shebeen (an informal beer hall where traditional African maize beer is brewed, sold and consumed); visiting a Sangoma (traditional healer); calling in on a church day-care centre and woman's craft shop, and various landmarks that commemorate episodes in the struggle against apartheid.