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a relatively large glass for serving beer

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There are 5,000 "glassings" each year, in which a smashed beer glass is used as a dangerous weapon, the Home Office added.
He charged 6p (21/2p now) for a pint beer glass full, which he tipped in a piece of newspaper.
The fun came to an end for the staff at Morrisons in Barry after employee David Partridge threw a beer glass and another worker ended up in hospital with concussion and a cut lip.
A YOUTH who hit a teenager with a beer glass outside a Coventry pub and pushed the jagged remains into his face has been warned he faces a custodial sentence.
A beer glass containing pounds 25 raffle money, sitting on a shelf next to a prize teddy bear, is said to have been taken from the Attleborough Conservative Club by Bristow and Sutor staff.
A SCOTS squaddie who smashed a beer glass into another man's face has walked free.
THE way a man grips his beer glass reveals his true character.
A "DANGEROUS" Black Country man who threw a beer glass at a pub-goer, leaving him with 17 cuts to his face, has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.
WEE Willie Hague should have kept his mouth shut instead of clamped on a beer glass.
He swaps a broken beer glass and a bar-room brawl for the relatively safer career as a Chippendale-style dancer.
An off-duty RUC con- stable shoved a beer glass in a reveller's face at a disco, a crown court heard yesterday.
The complainant was then struck on the left side of his face with the beer glass which broke on contact.
Lawyers for Jesse Bickett, who is accused of ramming a beer glass in Jones' face, is planning to sue the Hollywood star.
He was cut in the face with a beer glass and reportedly had his nose broken in a scuffle with a local.
Maximilian Riedel, CEO of Spiegelau USA, presented the Bavarian glass making firm's new Beer Glass Collection at an Oktoberfest in August luncheon in NYC recently at Blaue Gans, an Austrian "wirtshaus.