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tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are served

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A sign on the railings of the beer gardens refers to the Bassetts' "caring" for the Woodman Inn.
Sefton Arms West Derby certainly has its fair share of pubs and this definitely boasts one of the biggest beer gardens in the village.
uk t 20Britannia Inn, Llanmadoc Enjoy the stunning views over the Loughor Estuary with beer gardens to the front and back of the building, and there's even something for the little ones to enjoy with a rabbit hutch and aviary with a variety of budgies, cockatiels, quails and a parrot.
One area the legislation could target is play areas within beer gardens, not the beer gardens themselves, as reported in the Daily Post yesterday.
Here are some top tips for beer gardens to enjoy - some of which are recommended by us and others which are favourites of our readers on social media.
Pourbox is now throwing a monkey wrench into the traditional way bars and beer gardens have operated for years.
So which beer gardens do you think will visit the next time around in Australia?
nkers in Toast Munich's great invention this summer - the beer garden.
Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, the oldest of its kind in the five boroughs, having opened over a century ago on 24th Avenue in Astoria, has drawn crowds of young professionals to the neighborhood in recent years.
If you're going to a beer garden after work or a friend's barbecue at the weekend then think about how you are going to get home," said Gwent Roads Policing Inspector, Lee Ford.
Beer Gardens @ Elitch Gardens: To kick-off Denver Beer Fest, Elitch Gardens, Denver's famed downtown amusement park, is joining forces with Odell's Brewing Co.
The slump in the global economy has forced them to seek a creative and cheaper way of earning a living, and they have started setting up geisha beer gardens, like the traditional inn Gion Shinmonso.
In the fast-paced life of New York City, families and young professionals alike are finding refuge in the outdoor beer gardens located on the city's edge in Astoria, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey.
BARS with beer gardens are what we thirst for in the summer, and its large al fresco area makes Palm Sugar Lounge one of the sweetest drinking spots around.