beer drinker

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someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale

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Today's beer drinkers are 17 percent more likely than all consumers to plan to buy new/lease a luxury vehicle in the next 12 months," she says, "and they are 12 percent more likely to have a home with a market value of more than $500k.
According to a study recently published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, consumers of malt liquor beer are more likely than other beer drinkers to be "homeless, unemployed, receive public assistance.
AP -- Mexico's Corona Light is the most popular imported light beer in the United States market, but you can't get it south of the border, where beer drinkers order their brews in pairs yet rarely reach for a low-cal alternative.
Craft beer drinkers aren't just drinking beer; 71% of craft beer drinkers also purchase wine, whereas only 61% of the average beer drinker purchases wine," she notes.
For domestic light beer drinkers looking for a crisp, low calorie and low carb beer, company officials say Amstel Xlight offers an upgrade by delivering a premium import beer taste for an active, balanced lifestyle.
These are booming days for beer drinkers who like options.
New York - Recent sales figures indicate that beer drinkers are cultivating a taste for premium products.
THE average British beer drinker is being ripped off by pounds 51 a year because bar staff serve short measures.
Creating a smooth-tasting, premium lager with guarana is one more way for Molson to offer innovation and variety to Canadian beer drinkers.
AP--Arkansas Beer drinkers won't get a break, under legislation approved by the House on Monday.
Members of the Governor's Task Force on Driving While Impaired considered last week whether charging beer drinkers an extra 5 cents per can or bottle could pay for changes.
According a new report from the Mintel International Group of Chicago, IL, and reported by CBS, light beer drinkers drank on average 5.