beer drinker

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someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale

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According to a study recently published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, consumers of malt liquor beer are more likely than other beer drinkers to be "homeless, unemployed, receive public assistance.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Miller Genuine Draft greets the new year dressed for success in bold new packaging paired with exciting new advertising that evolves the current creative campaign and encourages beer drinkers to "Stay Cool.
has declined 3 percent since 1985, the specialty beer segment grew 50 percent last year, according to the 1995 Impact Databank beer market review "A small but growing group of beer drinkers is casting its vote by the beers they're drinking," noted Blue Moon project manager Jim Sabia.
Scarborough Research of NY, NY, a market research firm, has released an analysis of beer consumers (ages 21+), which indicates that today's beer drinkers are likely to be between the ages of 21-34.
To wit, some 13% of craft beer drinkers say they select a product that looks cool when the kind of beer they typically drink is not available and 8% of craft drinkers say label or packaging design is important in their purchase decision.
Among beer drinkers who are consuming premium light beer brands less often, the main reason is 'getting tired of the taste,' cited by 27% of them.
A Black Country MP is launching a fight to get a fair deal for Britain's beer drinkers -by insisting a pint should mean a pint.
Campaign chief Mike Benner said: "The Labour Party has been promising a full pint since 1997 and now appears to be bowing down to big business and sticking two fingers up at Britain's 15 million beer drinkers by proposing to make it legal to serve pints up to five per cent short.
BEER drinkers waste more than pounds 20 a year each on froth because pub pints have too much head, a brewery claims.
BEER drinkers in Rugby have come a step closer to getting a fair deal on pub pints - courtesy of the Government.
Do you think beer drinkers took us at our word it would sunset?
With so much variety and flavor, this craft beer tasting-in-a-box is a collection of brews sure to please discerning beer drinkers and complement every holiday celebration.
The addition of Beach Bum Blonde Ale is a nice way to conclude our first year of this program because it can be enjoyed by everyone from casual beer drinkers to beer purists who are looking for an ale with a nice balance, gentle flavor and smooth finish.
March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Beck's Premier Light, which sold over a million cases in less than a year, continues to be the dominate luxury light import for "real" beer drinkers.