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a can that holds beer

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Beer can collecting hit its peak in the United States during the late 1970s, when the BCCA had about 10,000 members, Gann said.
Associated Press--A researcher who has spent five years studying the problem of drinking and driving says that each year an average of 800 beer cans and bottles are tossed on the 600 miles of Kansas highway he surveyed.
He then threw a lamp at her and a box of beer cans after she fell to the floor.
Ms Squire said a woman who witnessed the attack on September 8 last year saw them punch and kick Mr Geraghty and smashed beer cans against his head.
The gourmet burger expert has been designing the innovative reusable beer cans for the past year, which are made of a sturdy aluminum and have the look and feel of a real beer can.
And Jeff, who has more than 80,000 cans in his House of Beer Cans next to his home in Pennsylvania, USA, wants your rare and vintage cans.
Of course though, the bottom line is that the best thing about beer cans is that they do have beer in them.
Richard, who has a collection of 3000 cans from all over Europe, is on a special mission to Scotland to set up a new whisky- tasting business - and to hunt for rare beer cans.
The Beer Can House represents the sort of idiosyncratic individualism that Houstonians and Texans pride themselves on," said Emily Todd, the endowment's grant officer.
Cans are easy to recycle, weigh less to ship and the average new beer can is made of 40% recycled aluminum.
James Brown, the local Beer Can Collector's Association secretary, said he began collecting cans about 30 years ago.
Last Sunday, nine boats competed in the 28th Darwin Beer Can Regatta.
One of them threw a beer can and it hit my friend's shoulder.
SCHULTZ produced the first beer can in Germany with their Export beer.
I explained that I was testing a recipe for beer-can chicken and wanted to make sure it was safe to cook on a beer can.