beer bottle

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a bottle that holds beer

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But he alleges police then beat him and forced him to incriminate himself by putting fingerprints on beer bottles.
He then threw the plastic beer bottle as the race started.
Sina Khalili, 30, reportedly smashed a broken beer bottle over the head of Muhammad Manoch, 21, and slashed his cheek shortly before 1 a.
A MAN who got into the Olympic Stadium without a ticket then threw a beer bottle at competitors lining up for the men's 100m final has been found guilty of public disorder.
In the stadium he hurled abuse at Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt then threw a plastic beer bottle on to the track before the race on August 5.
Based on a vintage beer bottle label, this personalised framed design has a lovely retro feel to it and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "That beer's got my name on it.
The brothers place a live mouse in a beer bottle in an attempt to shame the local brewery into giving them free beer.
decorative beer bottle candles to light after sundown and keep the mozzies at bay
Married Mr Singh, who works as a diecaster, said: "They just banged my head with a beer bottle.
Rodriguez allegedly rode his bicycle to a Grafton Street gas station during the early morning hours of July 21, filled a beer bottle with 35 cents' worth of gasoline and tossed the bottle at his former landlord's car after lighting the fuse.
Sure he didn't separate that shoulder dropping a beer bottle in a New York bar?
I remember having some kid by his neck and snapping a beer bottle out of his hand because I pictured it coming down on my head.
the same company that created the first aluminum crown beer bottle for Pittsburgh Brewing Co.