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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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I went to Beepers with my nan and asked about whether they could do it.
Compared to the simple bells and plain collars that were the primary hunting accessories in decades past, today's e-collars and beeper collars help make training easier and efficient.
It's OK to use the beepers in non-combat situations.
During Boston's Big Dig project, which rerouted much of the traffic through the heart of the city, including a major highway, people lodged more complaints about noise than about any other annoyance factor and far more complaints about backup beepers than any other noise source, says Erich Thalheimer, project's noise control officer and the lead noise engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Boston.
I went on the Eurotunnel train and where the assistant waves you precariously close to the car in front, the beepers were going mental and the noise deafening.
Of course, this conclusion suggests that were Chamberlain to have declared a prohibition on third party beepers in its publicity and terms of sale, its action against Skylink may have been well founded.
In his brief, Klunder quotes a dissenting opinion from a Nevada state case upholding warrantless beepers.
When I became sortie generation flight chief, I banned both cell phones and beepers from the flightline to reduce the possibility of this happening again.
Japan's biggest mobile phone services operator will make available at the press center and other summit facilities 300 mobile phones and 300 beepers, which can display English-language Web pages, it said.
GB radios, walkie-talkies, mobile phones and beepers will not operate properly.
Some kids have busy lives and use beepers to keep in touch.
The local plant, which has operated since 1970, was vulnerable to the shutdown because it only produce beepers for the North American market, which appears to be saturated.
The researchers suggest that hospitals modify the sounds produced in the critical care setting and find ways to screen patients from noise pollution, such as loud voices, television sets, equipment alarms, intercoms, and beepers.
What's worse, their efforts are being aided by the unwitting victims themselves, pathologically ambitious worker bees who wear their beepers during sex and develop a nervous tic if they go more than 10 minutes without checking voice-mail.
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, cellular phones, pagers and beepers.