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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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Beeper develops and operates cost effective, end-to-end solutions.
T&B 2500 (Train & Beep) Series Described as the ultimate e-collar for the upland gamebird hunter, the new Dogtra Train & Beep features a beeper horn that is built into the receiver for a less bulky look.
1) If annoyance level is any indication, backup beepers may be one of the most harmful noises.
Systems e-collars run the gamut from the miniscule Ultra-E Series Models, advertised as the world's smallest, most compact remote training tool, to the Elite Super Pro Models with e-collar and beeper combinations that include nick and constant stimulation, vibration, and an anti-bark feature as well as the control system for automatic bird launchers.
I went on the Eurotunnel train and where the assistant waves you precariously close to the car in front, the beepers were going mental and the noise deafening.
While the combined number of subscribers to cellphone and PHS services topped 100 million at the end of January, the number of beeper users plunged to 445,000, including a little more than 130,000 subscribers to NTT DoCoMo's service.
Ron Bochner, came up with the idea of clipping his beeper to the back of his scrubs at the neckline.
Even though mobile telephony has hurt the beeper business, Yolanda Chauta, Coldecon's sales director, says that because paging service is so effective and economical--about US$7 per month--the beeper market is very well positioned to succeed, especially in the healthcare sector and the logistics sector.
To get around this problem, Chamberlain devised an automated reset mechanism, which was exploited by Skylink's universal beeper.
In addition, having accurate telephone, beeper and fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses for essential personnel, ensured rapid communication.
with the book beeper, a small alarm to remind you to return your library books, and book tracker, which would use radio waves to help you locate them.
These alerts can be broadcast by Hunkar's new Smart Beeper system to pagers worn by relevant personnel.
And Motorola oughta sign the Backstreet Boys for endorsements-teens wearing BSB clothing are four times more likely to own a beeper than kids wearing Dr.
FIFA are studying plans to install a beeper system on goal lines that would help referees decide when the ball has crossed the line.
Our teen expert sees a rosy--and cheaper--wireless future: "I'm pretty sure that every single teenager will have a cell phone and beeper five to 15 years from now," Mara predicts.