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the most direct route

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With Beeline Shopper's system, powered by AirClic technology, consumers scan bar codes on product packages or from the QuickScan book and then attach the scanner to their home computer through a cable.
Beeline Shopper has provided an effective, efficient means to that end.
Our studies show that a healthier food basket is a bigger food basket," said Leib Lurie, Beeline Shopper president, founder and a 20-year veteran of the bar code industry.
Beeline Shopper and Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE:WHR) have signed a Letter of Intent for Beeline Shopper to provide its expertise on kitchen barcode scanning, shopping list management, healthier product suggestions, recipes and targeted coupon distribution for a new generation of Whirlpool brand appliances that are Internet-enabled.
The Whirlpool plans for the Smart Kitchen and Internet-enabled appliances really make sense, because so much household management and planning takes place in the kitchen," said Leib Lurie, President of Beeline Shopper.