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the most direct route

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Boles said, 'Bicycling has been a lifelong passion of mine, and when I found the business opportunity with Beeline Bikes, I was thrilled to join such a unique concept that allows me to continue to pursue entrepreneurship in the cycling industry.
Newly branded as Beeline Bikes Northern California, or Beeline NorCal, the fully stocked mobile bike shop travels to the customer at the location, day and time of their choosing.
A data virtualisation platform along with many other applications have been designed mainly for Beeline on the basis of Tarantool.
Two of VimpelCom's brands, Beeline and WIND, were recognized among the report's top 100 global telecom brands: Beeline was valued at USD 2.
The main services Megafon and Beeline will be providing using InfiNet solutions will be VoIP telephony, high-speed Internet access, Virtual Private Networks over large areas, video conferencing and CCTV monitoring.
a The Prince, whose Endeavour Fund supports Beeline Britain, told them: "You''ve done a sterling job.
The Beeline Britain challenge involved 100 hours in a sea kayak - including the longest sea kayak voyage in UK history which lasted 34 hours from Land's End to Pembrokeshire.
Beeline Britain, starting on May 18, spans 1,110km from one end of Britain to the other, passing St David's Head, Holyhead, Isle of Man, central Glasgow and Cairngorm Summit.
As a convenience, subscription fees for the product will be billed automatically to users' Beeline mobile service bills.
Chairman John Mills said: "We know that many people in the rural areas of North Warwickshire have never heard of the Beeline service.
Strategic objectives associated with the establishment of Beeline Interactive Japan
So when she spotted the singing star, she made a beeline for her to ask for an autograph, only to be rebuffed and told "Sorry, now's not a good time
A grand dinner, rather royal feast was given to a beeline of guests, which included Governor of Balochistan, former governors, Chief Justice of BHC, judges of the BHC, tribal heads, serving military and civil officials, leading lawyers, business leaders, retired senior officials and the list runs long.
Anyone who has alcoholic parents can relate to Daniel's sinking feeling when he's handed coins for the pinball machine as his dad makes his habitual beeline for the bar.
As soon as the assailant heard and saw Wooden's gun, he made a beeline for the door.