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the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey


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Dr Aziz said beekeeping training began in the 80s, and was focused on Afghan refugees to help them generate income without government assistance.
Dr Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khazem Al Ghamdi, chairman of Arab Beekeeping Association, said the organisation aims to develop the advancement of scientific, technical, environmental, social, technological and economic aspects of beekeeping.
25 ( ANI ): The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has launched a CSR project on beekeeping to generate employment in Uttarakhand.
Beekeeping is included in the Provincial Development Physical Framework Plan and Annual Investment Plan and Provincial Commodity Investment Plan of Guimaras, he added.
In Topoianky, an beekeeping open-air museum is also planned.
Arab Beekeeping Organisation Founding Committee chairman and Middle East and Arab World Chapter of International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations vice chairman Professor Ahmad Al Khazam Al Ghamdi said: "The establishment of this entity has achieved the aspirations of those working in honey production sector in the Arab world to have an effective body to look after their affairs and step up the efforts to develop this vital economic sector.
During the period of support Support under measure D "Measures for assisting the laboratories for analysis of beekeeping products, 327 farmers claimed.
Head of the FAO Partnership and Liaison Melek Cakmak told reporters that the FAO will continue supporting development of beekeeping in Azerbaijan, adding that the organization intends to launch another project in this sphere in 2018.
Martin Smith, public affairs manager at the British Beekeepers' Association, said: "As beekeeping has grown in popularity in recent years, it has become more visible to the general public.
This program gives our beekeeping community and those interested in the industry the opportunity to grow their career.
A beekeeping course, which aims to prevent social isolation among people in the South Liverpool community, is enjoying the taste of sweet success after harvesting their first batch of honey.
Speaking at a beekeeping and honey producers' sector consultative meeting at Botswana National Youth Council in Gaborone recently, Minister Olopeng said Batswana had skills and resources to reduce thousands of tons of honey imports adding that honey and beekeeping sector comprised of passionate and determined youngsters.
This survey was conducted on all the 85 beekeeping farms collected with census study method in Igdir province of Turkey with the purpose of determining some factors influencing average honey yield (AHY) per beehive in the year 2014.
Mentoring is a traditional way for beekeepers to teach people starting beekeeping about tending bees.
Seeing as many prisons are getting more involved in landscaping, horticulture and gardening vocational programs, implementing beekeeping is a logical next step.