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the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey


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Himself a PTSD sufferer and beekeeper, Richard from Llanelli, believes there are qualities associated with beekeeping that can help veterans affected by the debilitating and distressing disorder that is brought on by traumatic events.
Apiform is a sit-in beekeeping model that allows people in wheelchairs, older people, those with back pain or arthritis to take part in beekeeping.
After being diagnosed with PTSD several years ago, he found that beekeeping helped with flashbacks and memory loss.
He became what he calls "stung" over beekeeping, and his curiosity grew.
To overcome this problem, this project attempts to provide an environmentally friendly solution to settle coffee growers through improved plantation yields, modern beekeeping.
It is also hoped that beekeeping courses could be offered in the future for part time adult learners.
Buckley began keeping his own beehives in 1972 after his daughter gave him beekeeping gear for Father's Day.
In the beginning beekeeping classes, I encourage new beekeepers to go into their hives at least every seven to 10 days to see how things are going.
Paul Vonk has made HiveTool the centerpiece of his work with a local school as well as regional beekeepers, sharing his passion and enthusiasm for beekeeping with students who previously had never worked with pollinators.
North Dakota and South Dakota are also major beekeeping areas.
The American Beekeeping Federation estimates that about 50 percent of the honey bee colonies in California have been killed or severely weakened.
But a beekeeping association in Ceredigion is helping to ensure the language thrives by extending into all aspects of life - even those full of jargon in which experts almost always learnt their trade in English.
PROMOTING the Welsh language through honey is the goal of a Mid Wales beekeeping society.
announced its Sesquicentennial--a century and a half of association with the beekeeping industry, contributing in various ways to progress in beekeeping during 150 years.
PESHAWAR -- District administration under Peshawar Uplift Program (PUP) on Wednesday organized beekeeping training program on introduces technical and marketing techniques for increasing production of honey in the province.