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a farmer who keeps bees for their honey

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edu/aa264) can lay eggs year-round in Florida's warm weather, making it a popular destination for both hobbyists and commercial beekeepers.
Beekeepers therefore need to secure the bees' food and put honeycombs.
Arab Beekeeping Organisation, the first independent entity dedicated to beekeepers and honey production workers in the Arab world, will debut in Abu Dhabi on February 5, 2018.
Ms Hayward said she was convinced another beekeeper had stolen her bees.
The Pollination Expansion Program will assist with the purchase of new hives that will help expand the honey bee sector, and also provide resources and information for those who want to become beekeepers.
Or you may want a relationship that goes beyond the transmission of how-to; helps you meet your potential as a beekeeper, and helps you become a part of a larger beekeeping community.
Since "the apple-farmer cannot charge the beekeeper for the bee's food, which the former produces for the latter," Meade believed that certain "subsidies and taxes must be imposed.
National Natural Co LLC is the only company in Oman, which produces honey and sells all the equipment that a beekeeper wants, according to Al Shanfari.
Longtime friends Ian Blackburn and Clay Mauritson join forces to make Beekeeper Cellars, Howell Mountain Zinfandel 2012.
Another reason behind the drop in honey production is that 20 percent of bees died in the past year because the water they were drinking has become polluted, explained Majed al-Halabi, another beekeeper from Rashaya.
It has been revealed the "demand for local honey is not being met", with one beekeeper and honey seller claiming that there is the potential to more than treble his annual sale of 30,000lb - if more local honey was available.
Report author Stephen Thomas, a beekeeper from Dyserth, Denbighshire, said: "Very few retailers can obtain all the honey their customers wish to buy.
He pointed out that the last day of the festival yielded the biggest revenues for one individual beekeeper who made a wholesale transaction worth SR100,000.
You'll be able to talk to local beekeepers, meet a queen, learn about the different types of bees and talk to beekeepers, "There will be a chance to think about becoming a beekeeper, view observation hives, make candles from beeswax and buy locally produced honey direct from the beekeepers all in the settings of a beautiful organic community garden.
Two books we like are Keeping Bees and Making Honey by Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum, and The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum, both available on Page 79.