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I think some beefsteak and chocolate layer-cake would taste best," said Dorothy.
Dorothy's beefsteak was smoking hot, and the shaggy man's apples were plump and rosy-cheeked.
I'll give you some of my beefsteak," proposed Dorothy; "there's plenty for us all.
Toto had the scraps left from the beefsteak, and he stood up nicely on his hind legs while Dorothy fed them to him.
At a table he sat and consumed beefsteak, flapjacks, doughnuts and pie.
Meantime the man had pushed open a little side door and called to somebody to bring him half a dozen eggs and a piece of beefsteak.
Rouletabille took the eggs, which had been brought to him in a bowl, and the meat which was on a dish, placed all carefully beside him in the chimney, unhooked a frying-pan and a gridiron, and began to beat up our omelette before proceeding to grill our beefsteak.
But I bided my time, and one day, when opportunity was ripe, lured the animal away and settled for him with strychnine and beefsteak.
On the day of the races at Krasnoe Selo, Vronsky had come earlier than usual to eat beefsteak in the common messroom of the regiment.
Eat strong, nourishing food, and beefsteak, plenty of beefsteak.
I'll take you where they'll fix you such a beefsteak as you never tasted in your life.
Therefore he rang the bell, and tossing himself negligently on a sofa, ordered 'Some dinner at six - with a beefsteak in it,' and got through the intervening time as well as he could.
They're all made o' them noble animals," says he, a-pointin' to a wery nice little tabby kitten, "and I seasons 'em for beefsteak, weal or kidney, 'cording to the demand.
To this end, he lighted up fresh candles and heaped more fuel on the fire; and having dined off a beefsteak, which he cooked himself in somewhat of a savage and cannibal-like manner, brewed a great bowl of hot punch, lighted his pipe, and sat down to spend the evening.
His favourite breakfast was two pigeons, three beefsteaks, a bottle of Moselle, a glass of Champagne, two glasses of port and one of brandy.