beefsteak plant

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Synonyms for beefsteak plant

plant grown for its ornamental red or purple foliage

South American plant having green to purple or red branches with green to purple ornamental foliage and spikes of insignificant woolly flowers with dry membranous bracts

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In the meantime, it''s time for this beefsteak plant to grow.
Foxtail and broomcorn millet, legumes, barley, wheat, and beefsteak plant remains have all been recovered from Early and Middle Mumun houses and hearths near the dry fields.
Significant culture change did not occur until the Mumun period when azuki, barley, beefsteak plant, millet, soybean, wet-rice production, and wheat appear.
Japan, has patented a laundry system for clothing with shrinkage prevention derived from distilled sagebrush, beefsteak plant, tea, aloe and chrysanthemum.
Croton and beefsteak plants are also relatively easy to grow and look good, with the beefsteak lending itself to window displays.