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But her latest transformation is admirable - if you're inclined to be impressed by people who deprive themselves of proper food and endure crippling stomach aches in the quest for a beefier body.
Also available is the 5600U, which is a 23-inch counterpart to the beefier 7600U.
Cardiff won because their front five looked a year or two older, beefier and stronger, but many of their tries included an off-load to stretch the defence to breaking point.
3% abv and 60 IBUs, it's beefier than latter-day British ESBs, and just the ticket for contemporary American craft drinkers.
Once plugged into the keyboard base, the computer switches to Windows 7 operating software by Microsoft and a beefier Intel processor.
It turns out he's taking steroids in a bid to get beefier down the gym.
Once the council estate hard nut's mutt of choice, the slavering Alsatian was usurped by beefier and potentially more psychotic breeds: Rottweiler, Doberman, Mastiff, Akita.
Beefier, fishier and faster might be a fair description.
When food is abundant, a male can afford to build a beefier body.
This engine feels smoother and better balanced than the beefier 2.
The single-player element is beefier than a substantial Sunday lunch.
Hank Azaria is great (as per normal) in a beefier role as the foil, former Egyptian Pharaoh wannabe Kah Mun Rah.
Oscar Mayer's new recipe is promising premium, beefier hot dogs with no artificial flavors, colors, fillers or byproducts--and rumor has it, they have pulled out all the stops and signed Mario Lopez as the celebrity spokesperson.
The bike is a bit beefier than its predecessor, but with the 1200cc engine putting out 90bhp, Showa sport-tuned suspension, upside-down front forks and Nissin brakes, the XR 1200 is specced up to provide a real alternative to the sports machines beloved of the UK biking public.
Spinosi's driving, sometimes aggressive performance, with super-fast tempi here and there and a somewhat beefier orchestra, may not be to everyone's taste: some will prefer the more serene approach by Mallon and company--not to mention Naxos's budget price point.