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a photograph of a muscular man in minimal attire

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The festival opens tonight with Beefcake (18), the story of Bob Mizer, the founder of the male modelling agency The Athletic Model Guild.
Plus former WWF Tag Team Champion Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will be in action, the WBW debut of the mysterious Papa Dingo, Wrestle Ohio's Mastermind V.
Comedian Will Ferrell has been promoting his latest film The Other Guys, alongside the stunning Eva Mendes and Hollywood beefcake Mark Wahlberg.
By the end of the 1950's, beefcake magazines were at their pinnacle of popularity.
Former Eastenders star Sean Maguire does a passable impersonation of 300lb beefcake Gerard Butler, but has no comic sensibilities, while Electra is reduced to pouting in as little clothing as possible.
Batsmen need beefcake muscles to find the boundary on one of the largest playing fields in the world.
Marcelino Goncalves has a queer eye: not for the pumped-up beefcake that has become synonymous with gay art and photography but for the more subtle and soulful aspects of male sexuality.
Ted Shawn claimed some measure of equal ground with his scantily clad beefcake numbers that entertained a genteel, tea-drinking, largely female audience.
Tom Fitzgerald's film Beefcake (Canada, 1995) visualizes and dramatizes the story of Bob Mizer's physique photography: the beginning of the all-male erotic magazine Physique Pictorial in conservative Los Angeles in the mid 1940s, the establishment of AMG (Athletic Model Guild)--an agency of male models for painters and photographers, his sensational trial, and his power relations with his mother (Carroll Godsman) and with his muscular young models until the late 1980s.
Caesar, in his dying gasp, bequeaths Octavius' future to the delectably brooding beefcake gladiator Tyrannus (Jonathan Cake), who's more at home slicing and dicing competitors in the gladiatorial ring than coping with women who eye him lasciviously.
This device could only shoot phantasmatically, while the mostly anonymous photographers were left striving to realize with actual cameras and willing beefcake equivalents in the world.
Kevin has scant screen time and we're ultimately left wondering why two grown women would end up fighting over the same two-dimensional beefcake.
But the pace was too hot for Dean to handle as he came last with 13 points - Brummie beefcake Richard Gosling claiming the title.
Republican candidate Mitt Romney's successful campaign set a new record for vacuous beefcake commercials.
Asked if the new calendar will add some "cheesecake" to the beefcake on display, Botfa is cautious.