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Synonyms for beefburger

a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients

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And he declared: "I am satisfied that it is more likely than not Peter contracted this disease due to eating some form of contaminated beef product - probably a beefburger.
SAINT: Sainsbury Be Good to Yourself quarter-pounder beefburger (minus the bun) - 161 calories
Black pudding and beefburger classes are also well-supported.
A YOUNG man was yesterday brought before a court for hurling a beefburger at his mate which missed - and landed on a police car.
They were as bad as the beefburger I had before the game.
A typical choice for under-12s would be "grilled gladiator beefburger with carrot spears and potato cannon balls" followed by "fighting fit fruit salad.
From the children's menu, Louie tried a substantial quality beefburger, Holly went for chargrilled chicken, both served with chips, and Madison had spaghetti with tomato sauce.
infringed its trademark for the name, which is associated with its range of beefburger products, because its registration included a reference to "fruits and vegetables, all being preserved, dried or cooked.
A thermopolium was a fast-food shop where the Romans on their way to invade Britain could stop off to buy a ready cooked meal, such as a good old beefburger," explained John, aged 38, a police constable in his 21st- century life and legionary soldier Marcus Sulpicius Vepitta for Roman re-enactments.
Beefburger maker Sims Foods yesterday announced a pounds 22.
THE barbecue season has arrived and once again many of us are unable to enjoy peace and quiet in our gardens because of uncaring neighbours who want to drive us indoors with the smoke from their beefburger incinerators.
One per cent of all our meals eaten in the home feature a beefburger
Beefburger: F Brinksman Quality Butchers, Anglesey - Beefburger.
7 billion on fast food, the group is optimistic about growth in its core beefburger market.