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Synonyms for beefburger

a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients

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The beefburgers in question are a new product to WCBC School Catering Service and have never been served on our menu previously.
Moments later, however, the beefburgers were delivered and rejected by Mr Morgan who by then had already eaten.
Call me picky, but the thought of bacon, beefburger, cheese with dollops of sugar didn't appeal.
Latest tests reveal at least one major supermarket chain was selling beefburgers containing as much as 29% horse meat.
Last year's competition attracted more than 300 entries when winners included Sharlands Butchers, of Paddock, which was runner-up in the beefburger class.
SUPERMARKET shelves were being cleared across Scotland last night after scientists discovered horsemeat being used in beefburgers.
The butchers came second in the beefburger section - winning a plaque - and just missed out in the speciality sausage category.
But Les looked miserable and deep in thought as he sat at a table, munching a beefburger and sipping a glass of white wine.
Who can forget the image of John Gummer forcing his daughter to eat a beefburger to prove the point?
Michael Caine is another case in point and Liz Taylor is as American as a beefburger.
Other examples of misleading descriptions included: * Beefburgers labelled as 100% beef but which contained no more than 70% beef; * Fried cabbage described as seaweed; * Margarine being described as butter in sandwiches; and * A pork hamburger being sold as a beefburger.
Sharlands, of Church Street, Paddock, is among more than 30 entrants in the 20th annual Great Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage, Black Pudding and Beefburger Competition.
BURGERS SINNER: Asda beefburger, 304 calories per burger.
Hinchliffe's Farm Shop at Netherton won the trophy for the supreme champion pie at the 2007 Great Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage, Black Pudding and Beefburger competition.