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hardy breed of cattle resulting from crossing domestic cattle with the American buffalo


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We worked with local ranchers to participate in the Beefalo experiment.
Hardin, who raises beefalo (a cross between bison and cattle) and other livestock on his farm in Grady, partnered with area farmers to start the Certified Farmers Market in North Little Rock, but wanted to do more than sell farm-fresh food on Saturdays.
Beefalo (beef-ah-lo-) A cross between a bison and any breed of cattle.
This genetic combo struck the right balance, creating a fertile offspring with the best traits out of both: the beefalo has the lean, tender meat of the bison and the docility and rapid growth rate of cattle.
You can find eggs, cheese, milk, buffalo, bison, beefalo, emu, pork, lamb, goat, beef, chicken, turkey, trout, shrimp, rabbit and quail here.
Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef which has led to the development of beefalo.
That's why we've got ourselves a cross-breed called a beefalo,"" said Jason as we thundered out of a gully.
Besides 70 horses, Bitterroot Ranch is home for Rick's 50 beefalo (a crossbreed of beef cattle and buffalo), two goats, two roosters, three dogs, eight cats, nine sheep, five beef cattle, a burro, and a 1,200 pound buffalo - Lucky Walt.
In the cities, was buffalo tongue a curiosity, something like alligator or bear or beefalo meat today, or did it become for a decade or two usual fare, even a staple?
Jack Hurst was born in Tennessee (Maryville 1941), worked his first newspaper job there (Maryville-Alcoa Daily Times), received his degree there (Vanderbilt), became the first full-time country music reporter there (The Nashville Tennessean, 1972) and operates a beefalo cattle farm there.
In mid-July, Mike's Meats & Seafood began selling Beefalo steaks and hamburger from Beefalo Meats Co.