beef up

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As per the report, at the World Trade Organization a new deal has been stroked for helping global commerce as well as beef up in developing countries, declared by UPS.
WEST BROM manager Steve Clarke is looking to bring in some free agents in order to beef up his squad now the transfer window has closed.
Iraq decided to beef up the security measures on its borders with Syria, in an attempt to prevent cross-border infiltration attempts and smuggling weapons.
The sources added that senior police officials immediately issued directions to beef up security arrangements, besides round-the-clock patrolling of the entire area.
At no time did I ever ask him to beef up, to override, any of the judgments that he had" Alastair Campbell denies he had sought to "beef up" the Government's now notorious dossier on Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) written by Joint Intelligence Committee chairman Sir John Scarlett "I know it is tragic a young person has lost his life.