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any of several large tomatoes with thick flesh

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Seed specialist Syngenta said the cuore di bue variety, which currently has very little presence in British retail outside specialists, met growing consumer demand for specialist varieties--and might even come out on top of the beef tomato in consumer taste trials.
Properly cooked, yet both chewy (in the right way) and tender, the venison more than held its own among the other ingredients - a fried egg, beef tomato, baby gem lettuce, avocado and roast tomato chutney.
Enjoy a lightly spiced beef patty in a toasted bun stacked with fresh herb chimichurri, slaw, sliced beef tomato, baby gem and a creamy tomato & gherkin sauce.
2008: Intense beef tomato (Nunhems Netherlands BV).
95 gourmet steak burger with smoked applewood cheddar cheese, bacon, beef tomato, lettuce and onion rings, served with triple cooked chips, coleslaw and barbecue sauce.
The farm owner said beef tomato, a popular vegetable from his farm, is Dh5 per kilogram whereas the price of those imported from Europe, costs Dh15 per kilogram or more.
It had fillet steak topped with a fried egg and bacon served with half a beef tomato, flat mushrooms and hash brown.
Growers are continuing their push to keep Canary Islands tomatoes competitive, developing more vine, plum, cherry and beef tomato crops--as well as more highly flavoured varieties such as Santa--to complement the traditional round tomatoes.
They came cooked to order and on floured buns with mayonnaise, beef tomato and gourmet relish, served with chips and mixed leaves.
Slice a beef tomato open and who knows who you might find lurking inside.
Only the brave will fancy the Apocalypse - three 4oz burgers featuring BBQ pulled pork, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, BBQ sauce, Cos lettuce, beef tomato and red onion served in a toasted bun with sides of coleslaw and French fries
Beside it there was a shot glass of sweet and tangy gazpacho, and completing the trio was a halved beef tomato topped with a chilled Roquefort sauce.
I think it's quite nice to have different shapes and sizes in a salad, so cut your medium tomatoes into wedges, halve the cherry tomatoes and slice the beef tomato into large rounds.
Ploughman's sandwich with black grape chutney Ingredients for one sandwich: Two large slices malted grain bread; 50g (2oz) mature Cheddar cheese, sliced; one beef tomato, sliced; a few slices red onion; a few slices cucumber; a few mixed leaves; a little extra virgin olive oil; salt and pepper to taste For the chutney (should make several servings depending on taste) One white onion, peeled and diced; 150ml (quarter pint) brandy; 150ml (quarter pint) balsamic vinegar; 250g (8oz) sugar; 450g (1lb) black seedless grapes, halved Method To make the chutney put all the ingredients into a pan, bring to the boil and simmer uncovered for 45 minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate and for the mixture to reduce to a thick consistency.
For starters we opted for bruschetta caprese, which had lashings of ham, mozzarella and beef tomato, and my friend opted for melon Parma ham.