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Alternatively, guests of Swiss-CafAaAaAeA@ can choose the Chinese Fondu which not only includes slices of beef tenderloin, but also veal fillet, chicken breast, prawns and salmon.
According to a menu provided by the organizers, they ate pistachio-coated goat's cheese, duck confit crepe, slow-roasted Angus beef tenderloin with a sweet soy glaze, mango-basil sorbet, and ube sans rival and brazo de mercedes.
The beef tenderloin has been aged for 20 days and marinated in a special rub made with Bahraini spices, served with a Classic Yorkshire Pudding.
Baked salmon, glazed chicken, beef tenderloin or vegetarian entrees will be served.
Try it on Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Fresh Herbs; Pork Shoulder Roast with Figs, Garlic, and Pinot Noir; or Grilled Apricot-Stuffed Leg of Lamb (get the recipes at sunset.
Sallie and Karl enlisted the help of caterer Olivia King of Olivia's Food Emporium to prepare the evening's menu, which included savories such as antipasti trees and pastry-wrapped asparagus as well as hearty beef tenderloin and burgundy mushrooms.
Our fifth course, the super soft US beef tenderloin topped with Roquefort and marrow gratin in a Calabrone red wine reduction was complemented by my favorite wine of the evening--the Calabrone Rosso 2009.
Spread the beef tenderloin like a sheet and dust with salt and pepper.
MENU Home smoked salmon with fresh dill and sour cream, summer garden vegetable tartlet Pan-seared scallops with chives cream, leek fondue Beef tenderloin, rumbledethumps, 12-hour slow-cooked beef cheeks, saute forest mushrooms Bittersweet statilia 64% dark chocolate, panna cotta, fresh raspberry and coco nib crisp
For mains, he chose veal loin and I had the Wagyu beef tenderloin - soft, succulent, and quite possibly the best cut of meat I have ever experienced.
A star once asked the chef to prepare beef tenderloin in the shape of an elephant for her son's third birthday.
600g cleaned New Zealand beef tenderloin and 100g Oxtail - cooked and removed from the bone
2 pounds prime beef tenderloin, sirloin or ribeye, fat and
The culinary selection for the dinner will include golden Osetracaviar, slow-cooked braised beef ravioli with foie gras, cassoulet of lobster with duck sausage, tarbais beans, fines herbs and garlic fondue, Wagyu beef tenderloin with wild mushroom capsule, chorizo emulsion and black truffles, green apple caramel and finally, fourmed'Ambert with walnut toast, fennel marmalade, honey gelee and gastrique.
Choose your type of meat, specify how much you want it cooked, set alarms and then watch the cooking process transpire via numerical readouts and color graphs, all while you watch the game without worrying about wrecking that $50 beef tenderloin.