beef tallow

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tallow obtained from a bovine animal

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Fries cooked in McDonald's, Burger King's and Wendy's shortenings aren't that much healthier than fries cooked in beef tallow.
And if you've ever wondered what happens to the surplus beef tallow and lard produced by America's giant meat industry, check out the labels on Hostess snacks.
Santa Clara, CA, USA) was performed in LM tissue from 24 pigs fed beef tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, or soybean.
that converts chicken fat, beef tallow and other food grease into a diesel and jet fuel.
Oral administrations of beef tallow and palmitate significantly suppressed serum adiponectin levels into around half of the initial level from 48 to 96 h after administration compared with the case of corn oil (P < 0.
Their attack is reminiscent of a Poisoning of America newspaper advertising campaign initiated in 1990 by a wealthy Omaha businessman named Phil Sokolof who blamed tropical oils used in snacks and beef tallow used for McDonald's fries for his own heart attack.
The researchers first formulated patties by combining beef trimmings containing 6% fat with a lipid blend mixture in 4% and 14% additions, respectively, containing 57% beef tallow.
at Batesville, the largest of the operations, relies mostly on beef tallow and Pinnacle Biofuels at Crossett uses mostly animal fats.
The fats, procured by Tyson Foods and including beef tallow, pork lard, chicken fat and used greases, will be converted to high-quality diesel and jet fuels using Syntroleum's bio-synfining technology at Dynamic Fuels' Geismar, La.
The parent company, Irish Food Processors would supply beef tallow to Agri energy, which is mixed with used cooking oil and methanol before heating which turns fat into the product.
Two series of Uniprene and Monprene TPEs comply with the requirements because they contain no animal-derived materials (ADMs), such as lubricants based on beef tallow.
During the 1980s, the great evil in the eyes of such groups was the use of saturated fats, which are found in beef tallow and butter.
Plastic products commonly use beef tallow as a lubricant in the manufacturing process and tracking all of them to their source can require a significant expense for a biopharmaceutical manufacturer.
On one side of this heated scientific debate there are 10-year-old boys--dressed appropriately in white lab coats--who point out that their experiments with the family dog have shown that, unless the vegetable is deep fried in beef tallow, it is virtually inedible.