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South American plant having green to purple or red branches with green to purple ornamental foliage and spikes of insignificant woolly flowers with dry membranous bracts

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In the postwar era efficient refrigerated truck cattle liners replaced railways and public stockyards, fostering direct-to-packer sales and the construction of beef plants in smaller centres in the west, to bring the processing stage closer to the raw material.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cargill is investing $111 million to convert its ground beef plant at Columbus, Neb.
Jarrod Gillig, general manager at Cargill s beef plant in Schuyler, said Nebraska is one of the largest states for Cargill with more than 20 locations and 4,000 employees.
USDA last week said a California beef plant is now ineligible to ship beef to Japan after the company sent products the country bans in imports from the United States.
The new system complements the existing waste water treatment facility at the beef plant.
THE troubled co-op Dairygold yesterday confirmed the sale of its Charleville beef plant in the latest phase in a wide-ranging rationalisation programme.
The fire took place in December at ConAgra's beef plant in Garden City, N.
IBP had purchased the Columbus ground beef plant three years ago and has since expanded employment and production.
Tesla Energy Storage is another example of our willingness to employ new and different concepts for reducing our environmental footprint in ways that benefit the community and our beef business," said Jon Nash, Cargill's beef plant general manager at Fresno.
Hudson ran into trouble when workers at a beef plant in Columbia, Nebraska, decided to use left over ground beef from the previous day in the next day's processing.
What was once a beef plant constructed in 1963, the Rule family purchased to extend its feeding and lamb processing business in 1983.
We were dismayed about the prospect of Lockney closing in the wake of the Plainview beef plant shutting down, so being able to keep the feed yard viable is a wonderful feeling.
Under the offer, bids would be solicited for all the beef plant s property, comprising fixtures, improvements, machinery, equipment and supplies.
The Japanese inspectors said they would keep a ban on imports from a beef plant in Brawley, California, which is now changing its operations manual.
In 2009, special notoriety goes to Colorado's Greeley Beef Plant, now owned by JBS USA, and Fairbank Farms in Asheville, NY.