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Since 2008, the beef cattle industry in China has been affected by rising cost of breeding, reduced rural labour force, and insufficient number of cows.
What impact will the development of China's dairy cattle, beef cattle and meat sheep farming exerts on feed demand in the next five years?
Two beef cattle, one from each prefecture, tested positive for radioactive cesium, which they are believed to have ingested from contaminated rice straw produced in Miyagi Prefecture.
The Fukushima prefectural government has already begun inspecting all beef cattle farms there, and requested they voluntarily refrain from shipping cows until next Monday when the inspections are to be concluded.
If the number of grazing beef cattle declined further there would, almost immediately, be a further invasion by scrub plants and thorn on to the previously well managed pastureland that creates one of the most dominant features of our multi-coloured, patchwork, countryside," said Ms Haywood.
Also showcased is Llandeilo farmer and illustrator Wyn Davies, 29, and Ifor Humphreys' Wagyu beef cattle at Abermule, near Newtown.
Beef cattle browse more than 11 million acres of grazinglands in the State of Florida.
McIrwin, who runs about 5,000 head of beef cattle in eastern Washington, said there is nothing to prevent a terrorist (or an unscrupulous competitor) from sneaking into an auction barn, replacing one of his cows with a diseased cow, and placing his cow's tag on the diseased cow.
Speaking to NFU Cymru members in Monmouthshire and Brecon and Radnor, Mr Bennett, who raises beef cattle in Carmarthenshire, warned that it would be some time before the beef market settled down after CAO reform and the lifting of the ban on exports and older cattle.
A deal by Cuban food purchasing agency Alimport to buy 250 head of Florida beef cattle from J.
John - who still has some beef cattle - said: "Farming and undertaking work very well together.
However, although the earlier sense of crisis in the Scottish industry is no longer apparent, insiders say they remain deeply worried by the downtrend in beef cattle breeding and finishing stock numbers.
The strongest associations with human STEC infection were the ratio of beef cattle number to human population and the application of manure to the surface of agricultural land by a solid spreader and by a liquid spreader.
NORTHERN Ireland's beef cattle prices firmed a fraction last week to 152p per kilo for all grade U3 steers and heifers.