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Calves born to first parity cows were generally lighter than later parity cows(Table 4), which is comparable to earlier findings in beef cattle (Krupa et al.
The program--called Introduction to Beef Cattle Farming in Northern Ontario--is an initiative of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO), the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the participation of the Kashechewan First Nation, and the Kapuskasing campus of College Boreal.
Target: Beef cattle feed yards at Leoti, Kansas, and Yuma, Colorado
A staple in the beef cattle industryCU it may one day rival the Angus for its high-quality meat.
Its aim is to preserve and improve for the benefit of the public the general standards of cattle, especially beef cattle, in the United Kingdom, by promoting and encouraging breeding.
Around 50,000 beef cattle are expected to be exported to China in the next 12 months.
So in 2000, we developed our own breed named American Vintage Beef cattle.
THE number of beef cattle in Wales continues to fall while sheep figures are showing signs of a recovery.
The Fukushima Prefectural Government is also studying ways to estimate radioactive contamination in beef cattle by analyzing blood samples.
As of Tuesday morning, a total of 2,906 beef cattle possibly fed with contaminated straw were confirmed to have been shipped, excluding those retained at slaughterhouses.
The Japanese government on Monday ordered the suspension of all shipments of beef cattle from Iwate Prefecture after a number of cattle raised there were found to be contaminated with radioactive cesium.
We used a sprinkling can to sprinkle the mixture over rough hay, red clover, sweet clover and timothy to make a palatable feed for our beef cattle and a few milk cows.
Summary: A French city located in the heart of the Massif Central AcentsAA" the leading European region in beef cattle production -, Clermont-Ferrand will be hosting the 19th edition of the Sommet de lAcentsAAAEAlevage, with 1,900 animals on display.