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small sweet triangular nut of any of various beech trees

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As we walked, Adele told me that in one stretch of hedgerow near her home she's found elderberries, crab apples, beechnuts, raspberries, rose hips, sloes and nettles.
If the berry crop is bad, the acorn crop is good, and if beechnuts are scarce there's autumn olive or something else.
He then headed the Polymer Laboratory for Beechnut Packing Company in New York and became director of research.
By 1948, the magazine became profitable, gaining such key advertisers as PepsiCo, Colgate, Beechnut, and Seagram--all convinced by Johnson that they would increase revenues and market share by reaching black consumers.
49) The show relied on financing secured through an advertising contract with Beechnut Spearmint Gum, which was intent on targeting the potential teenage audience.
On October 28, 1994, her family had her admitted to Beechnut Manor Nursing Home, where she resided in the respiratory care unit, which was staffed by Vencor Hospital.
I spent my time with tank units and yes, I learned how to chew Beechnut and spit out of a hatch without getting it all over myself or the track, and that is an essential skill, by the way.
On June 14, 1947, he and Dottie were married and Dottie went to work for the Beechnut Corp.
For this, he made 1/4-inch grooves in two turned dowel-like pieces of Porcelain White, then inlaid Beechnut strips that had been heated five minutes in a 300F oven.
Heinz president and CEO William Johnson said: "Although we will still be a distant second to Gerber, a combination of Heinz and BeechNut products will provide the critical mass to make US babyfood more competitive, innovative and dynamic.
Also had served as president of Squibb Beechnut Life Savers-Canada.
It's in juices made by Tropicana, Gerber, and Beechnut.
South Hills Datacomm Dan Marchitello 760 Beechnut Dr.
Our products, which included Chex Cereal and Beechnut Baby Food, were marketed, distributed and delivered through Ralston Purina's pet-food channels.
For instance, top management at both Beechnut and Sears were caught defrauding customers (Miller 1989; Yin 1992).