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consisting of or made of wood of the beech tree

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Kenilworth went into the break just 12-7 down before taking the lead early in the second half but a hat trick from Will Morris set Beechen Cliff on their way to victory, writes Sophie Freestone.
Beechen Cliff headteacher Andrew Davies said: "People are quick to put young people down but in this case they have proved themselves to be very honest.
As early as their excursion to Beechen Cliff in Volume One, Chapter Fourteen, Henry instructs Catherine in the ways of proper perception and expression in accordance with the natural sights she encounters.
5) In Northanger Abbey, Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor are like picturesque travellers when they go with Catherine to Beechen Cliff, a hill on the southern outskirts of Bath:
Adam Beechen, Freddie Williams II, and Frazer Irving.
Substitute Nathan Larkham scored the extra-time winner as Beechen Cliff School (Bath) beat Ladymead Community School (Taunton) 2-1 in the Somerset boys' final.
Mr Lewis was a pupil at Beechen Cliff School, Bath, and Miss Wrench at Bath High School.
Sets and costumes, Astrid Jansen; lighting, Bonnie Beechen Opened.
The teenager's dancing talent was spotted by a teacher at Beechen Hurst school, Men-love Avenue.
Beecher, The Elements of Mental and Moral Philosophy, Founded upon Experience, Letters on the Difficulties of Religion, An Essay on Slavered and Abolitionism with Reference to the Duty of American Females, Common Sense Applied to Religion, or the Bible and the People; and Hall, "Catharine Beechen America's First Female Philosopher and Theologian.
to cut or carve" as one would "the bark of trees and smooth surfaces of wood"--"and hence even the word Boc," he continues, "or book, which recalls the beechen tablets in which [runes] were inscribed" (11-12).