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Paul Franks, managing partner of Beech Tree Private Equity, has joined the RS Connect board as chairman, while Steve Thornhill and Adrian Cutler join as financial director and commercial director respectively.
Tree-mendous A 144ft beech tree in West Sussex has been declared the tallest native tree in Britain.
The beech tree isn't native to Ireland but they are numerous and are supposed to hold ancient knowledge and remember our Celtic ancestors.
at the BeechTree Clubhouse, located at 15511 Beech Tree Parkway in Upper Marlboro.
A natural anti-aging ingredient, beech tree bud extract contains high-energy actives, peptides, and flavonoids that help strengthen the epidermal structure of the skin, making it firmer and reducing facial lines.
The 25-metre tall beech tree spontaneously collapsed onto two benches, on which a woman with her child and two young men were sitting.
A 60-foot tall copper beech tree with a trunk diameter of about 4.
Beech Tree Place, a collection of businesses located in the former candy store and surrounding property at 9 Maple St.
We will all miss the great character Jamie Osborne's stable stalwart has left to stand at Beech Tree Stud, going from, in the trainer's words, "the oldest virgin in town to an equine Hugh Hefner in a matter of months.
EATING OUT: Beech Tree Inn, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff Tel: 02920 593106 "Hi there, good evening, how are you?
Q: We have a large beech tree in my front yard, and I have a couple concerns about it.
Tests showed that in the largest beech tree in the park, only a tiny amount of live wood was found to be supporting the whole tree.
Winds of 50mph and heavy rain toppled the huge beech tree shortly before 5am, leaving the wrecked caravan barely recognisable.
Hypoxylon-infected water oaks are common, but Hypoxylon fungal cankers were observed on only a single beech tree in Wier Woods in a special inspection conducted in May 2003.