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Years with high vole densities and increased numbers of registered human hantavirus infections were preceded by years of intense coverage with beech mast (nuts of the European beech tree [Fagus sylvatica]) (10).
But the trees are not from the random fall of beech mast or acorn, for these are the Nile Clumps, planted not long after Nelson's death at Trafalgar in 1805 to commemorate the exact formation of Nelson's fleet and that of his French enemies at the the Battle of the Nile, where Nelson won his great victory in 1798.
Feeds on hazelnuts, acorns, beech mast, tree bark, fungi, buds, leaves, shoots, flowers - will also raid birds' nests.
Wild fruits and nuts also played a part in the diet of the medieval inhabitants of this fortress: they collected wild strawberries (Frageria vesca), beech mast (Fagus sylvaticus), blackberries (Rubus agg.
They limit their annoying tactics to dropping half-eaten pine cones and beech mast on my head as I take my morning constitutional.
5[degrees]C above the long-term average, but the beech mast in 2000 was one of the lowest reported, and NE incidence was low in 2001 (median 0.