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European orchid whose flowers resemble bumble bees in shape and color

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DELICATE: Bernard Davis of Pic Build landscaping with the bee orchids
WILD SURPRISES: Naturalist Steven Falk says the survey has thrown up some shocks; FLOWER POWER: The cowslip (top), Danish scurvy-grass (above, left, picture by Phill Clayton), bee orchid (left) and Himalayan balsam (below)
Nonetheless, some species can be hit by drought in a dry spring - like our lady orchids and bee orchids - and they do seem to have done well in this year's wet weather.
mariecurieuk: Don''t forget to give someone you know who 'does good'' a special #volunteersweek thank you :-) @rspbconwy: It''s June, and that means bee orchids at Conwy.
MAY Common spotted and bee orchids flowered at Souter Lighthouse, Whitburn, South Tyneside, seven weeks early.
CARDIFF Conservation officer Chris Powell will lead a singing larks and bee orchids walk at Grangemore Park, from 10am to noon.
Nick Irwin, 50, mistook the six foot-high wild bee orchids, which were about to flower, for weeds.
It's also possible that bee orchids may appear on it in the future as we have found them in other areas close by.
The wet weather has also been good for mosses and plants such as early gentian and bee orchids, and twayblade, pyramidal and common spotted orchids have been thriving on the trackways of Whipsnade Downs in Bedfordshire.
Butterflies, bees and dragonflies flutter about and rare flowers, such as the bee orchids grow around the 31 hectare haven.
For he spotted a colony of bee orchids on a grass verge adjacent to the MetroCentre in Gateshead.
There was a floral highlight this week with a number of bee orchids flowering at Conwy RSPB reserve.
Reed buntings and meadow pipits were busy feeding young, and the first stalks of bee orchids were showing buds that will soon be superb flowerheads.
Washington has a wild flower garden, where bee orchids and bluebells grow, and a sustainable garden where they grow their own produce which is used in the centre restaurant.