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European orchid whose flowers resemble bumble bees in shape and color

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It is particularly rich in orchid species such as pyramidal, common spotted, fragrant and bee orchid and is a national stronghold for the rare dark red helleborine orchid.
Newcomers include buzzards, the Bee Orchid flower, and the Emperor dragonfly.
A line of white sand marks the strip Largest coastal bird sanctuary Anywhere in Europe Rare flowering plants live here Helleborine, darling of the dunes Grass of Parnassus wave in unison To the Bee Orchid, one of many A family of 13 species of orchid Attracts the butterflies Dark green Fritillary And Grayling caught
Surrounded by the second highest tidal range in the world, Sully Island is very popular with visitors and is home to plants not usually found in the area such as the rare bee orchid.
WILD SURPRISES: Naturalist Steven Falk says the survey has thrown up some shocks; FLOWER POWER: The cowslip (top), Danish scurvy-grass (above, left, picture by Phill Clayton), bee orchid (left) and Himalayan balsam (below)
These included the scarce bee orchid, which has evolved to look like a female bee, and the pyramidal orchid, which produces a strong scent to attract both day and night-flying moths and butterflies.
He said the bee orchid also steals pollination service without paying in nectar terms because it mimics, chemically and visually, a female solitary bee which encourages the male to attempt mating and thus pollination.
Shortlisted flowers for Cheshire are lady's smock and cow bane and for Lancashire red rose and bee orchid.
The island, which is accessible to the general public, is close to the site of the only Upper Triassic dinosaur footprint found in the UK and is a haven for plants not usually found in the area, including the rare bee orchid, marine spleenwort and the adders tongue fern.
uk/buyaphoto ref: 01116603; STRAY The bee orchid is believed to be the most northerly in England.
It has now been transformed into a large expanse of marshy grassland and is home to an abundance of wildlife, including one of Wales' largest populations of bee orchid," said Mr Jones.
Other threatened species include the bee orchid, spider orchid, snake's head fritillary and meadow saffron.