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someone suffering from enuresis

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For instance, the parents could set up a system where the bedwetter will earn a certain number of points or gold stars every time they wear the diapers at night.
By now, with all the attention lavished on him by foster care, he was a bedwetter, a displaced, troubled child; the adoption unraveled before it was finalized.
If both parents were bedwetters, a child has an 80 percent chance of being a bedwetter also.
There's a very good chance that someone in your family--such as your mother, father, aunt, or uncle was a bedwetter when he or she was young.
He is an introverted, small kid, a bedwetter who never stays over at anyone else's house.
But when the offender is well past the age of a typical bedwetter, mothers and fathers may not be so tolerant.
Being a bedwetter, I was subjected to nightly checks by him where he would slip his hands under the covers and grope me.
As one of her most devoted fans, I was thrilled by Celebrity Big Brother bedwetter Charlotte Crosby's inspirational victory.
Your memoir, on the other hand, was called The Bedwetter.
AG: When I played Fiona, the hairdresser in Coronation Street, there used to be a guy whose letters would start off perfectly normally - and then he'd start talking about his experiences as a bedwetter.
Which is why Saturday's "farewell for now" show at The Colosseum could run the eye-liner of even the meanest, self-loathing indie bedwetter.
If any bedwetter neglected to do this he was flogged the following night in the bootroom.
The bedwetter will unconsciously avoid sleeping on the back and will be less prone to the condition.