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the time you go to bed

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In her pensive moments, she thinks of the little brothers and sisters, whose patient servant she is, and wonders who comforts them in their tumbles and tells them stories at bedtime, while she is holiday-making at the pleasant country house.
Just at bedtime a poor, ornery sort of dog came along and asked for a night's lodging.
ABOUT bedtime I took the king to my private quarters to cut his hair and help him get the hang of the lowly raiment he was to wear.
Before bedtime, I was fetched by the man with the wooden leg to appear before him.
And here the teamster, on his way to Portland market, would put up for the night; and, if a bachelor, might sit an hour beyond the usual bedtime, and steal a kiss from the mountain maid at parting.
Paed iat r icians can easily promote regular bedtimes with parents and children - behaviours which lead to healthy sleep.
Another handy tip is that it might be worth taking any distractions, ie favourite toys, out of your child's room at bedtimes so that he gets a clear message that sleep is expected and that playtime is over.
His sister, Wendy, asks him to look after her children so she can job hunt and, to entertain them, he concocts far-fetched bedtimes stories set in far-away lands, always casting himself as the hero.
From more than 1,000 responses, Cow & Gate chose the top 50 and created this compact little book of Baby Bedtime Tips to share this knowledge with other mums whose bedtimes may not be as peaceful.
Supporting the 2008 national year of reading, Geri and Nick JR are seeking the perfect bedtime tales for under-fives, to make bedtimes blissful.
While the mechanism responsible for the bedtime pass's high consumer satisfaction is unclear, it is possible that giving children some power and responsibility during their bedtimes reduces feelings of helplessness associated with having a new (and very different) bedtime routine thrust onto them.
Not keeping a regular schedule of bedtimes and waking times is often a problem for insomniacs, as is napping during the day, considered a no-no since the habit can set off a vicious circle.
Irregular sleep schedules, including highly variable bedtimes and staying up much later than usual, are associated in midlife women with insulin resistance, which is an important indicator of metabolic health, including diabetes risk," said senior author Martica Hall, PhD, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh.
Adolescents who had late school year bedtimes in Wave I were more likely to have emotional distress in Wave III.