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the time you go to bed

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In her pensive moments, she thinks of the little brothers and sisters, whose patient servant she is, and wonders who comforts them in their tumbles and tells them stories at bedtime, while she is holiday-making at the pleasant country house.
Just at bedtime a poor, ornery sort of dog came along and asked for a night's lodging.
ABOUT bedtime I took the king to my private quarters to cut his hair and help him get the hang of the lowly raiment he was to wear.
Before bedtime, I was fetched by the man with the wooden leg to appear before him.
And here the teamster, on his way to Portland market, would put up for the night; and, if a bachelor, might sit an hour beyond the usual bedtime, and steal a kiss from the mountain maid at parting.
However, given the drawbacks noted previously, this book is better suited as a bedtime story; teachers can find other counting books that are more suitable for classroom use.
If you absolutely need to rest, do so for less than two hours and as far away from your normal bedtime as possible.
Cloud orphanage after he reads their bedtime story.
Relax by taking a warm bath or reading before bedtime.
The changes included restricting caffeine to early morning; exercising early enough in the evening to insure she is sufficiently tired for sleep, but not so close to bedtime that the endorphin release (the surge of well-being that exercise brings) will interfere with falling asleep.
However, with a little effort, you can ease the bedtime struggle.
We're giving every Sunday Mirror reader a bedtime stories book worth pounds 3.
ISLAMABAD -- As technology is taking control steadily over individual lives, the long-cherished tradition of bedtime story-telling is waning among modern parents.
Furthermore, participants who, on average, spent more time on their smartphones around bedtime generally took longer to fall asleep and were more likely to experience poor sleep quality and efficiency, the study found (PLoS One, Nov.
For parents, this reinforces the importance of establishing a bedtime routine," says epidemiologist Sarah Anderson, lead author of the study.