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(usually plural) one of the springs holding up the mattress of a bed

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You can practically imagine Deschanel wearing her Annette Funicello-sanctioned silk pajamas, bouncing on her bedspring and singing into a hairbrush on "Over It Over Again.
The bedspring suspensionAuwhich seemed to threaten to throw you out the driverAAEs windowAunow terrain-follows with an eerie suppleness.
Another survivor remembered "two bicycles with a bedspring and mattress between them on which an invalid woman was carried along.
Richly envisioned tale starts in the Enchanted Village--a kind of Mittel-Europa burg via an English hamlet--under the guardianship of Zebedee (voiced by Ian McKellen), a wizard with a bedspring for legs.
The dark green leaves are still, A rusty bedspring leans against the fence and trash from the alley dumpster is caught in the fence.
Both are combined superbly, for example, in one anecdote that had Ove plucking his whiskers with a bedspring, convinced by local Apaches it was the traditional thing to do.
A large, loosely fastened bedspring hangs in a pitchblack room.
The depicted antennas ranged from the bedspring dipole arrays of the 1930s to an X-band airborne unit that readily could be identified with recent dish designs.
It was hot and odorous and bereft of bargains unless one were interested in taking home a rusty bedspring to dazzle the folks at home.
She said the man carried her to an upstairs apartment and pushed her onto a bare bedspring, where she passed out.
The young man agrees and the woman begins to strap a bedspring to each of his elbows and knees.
We can hear every moan, groan, yelp and creaking bedspring.
This effort ended when Robbie succeeded in slashing Hughes's arm with a piece of bedspring that he had loosened.
Then so long as you don't let weeds reestablish, you can pull discs and bedspring harrows to stir and smooth the soil before planting year after year.
And the Pheasant leaped out of the tenement of the corn like a burglar taken In flagrante delicto with a cry like an angry bedspring (Part silver, part bronze, part wind chime and part pure glavanized iron: A gateless gate opening on hinges never been oiled By a single Koam)--leaped