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24 for two or PS32 for a extra large Q Is there anyone left still selling candlewick bedspreads or have they disappeared for good?
TIME TO CELEBRATE The Nelson wine cooler looks so good and will keep your favourite fizz well chilled BEAUTIFUL IN BLUE The gorgeous Love chair is made from European oak and comes in vibrant shades GET COSY The Cascade bedspread is stunning in satin and ideal to share on a chilly night CUDDLE UP CLOSE The Philina Swivel Loveseat in cherry red has just enough room for two to snuggle up on.
She had the chance to see the handcrafted All You Need Is Love bedspread presented to her and John Lennon by Hull-born designer Christine Kemp during their Bed-In at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.
My father 'danced' me when he found all the bits of the bedspread hidden in the bacK of my drawers - there was hell to pay and it ended up with me at the age of 14 losing my temper for the first time in my life.
The Ravello bedspread combines a contemporary feel with the current trend for 'just a touch of vintage'.
When Richard Osborne spotted the bedspread on the floor, he knew something was amiss.
For some, the bedspread and its hipper sibling, the coverlet, are interchangeable terms.
It's like substituting a quilted place mat for a warm bedspread.
Further, Decorator and Fleetwood have entered into a long-term agreement for Decorator to be the exclusive supplier of Fleetwood's drapery, bedspread and other decor requirements.
95, and lotus bedspread, pounds 199, (above right) from The Pier.
Highlights include a must-have Lulu floral bedspread at pounds 148 and matching cushions from pounds 45, a pink leather Moroccan pouffe at pounds 125 and this painted wooden bench with two matching chairs, pounds 650.
Around this time of year, my husband's grandmother used to clean her house from top to bottom--scrubbing every surface and washing every drape, bedspread, and rug.
But I liked the curtains and bedspread, which I'd just bought.
For example, draw the wood grain or tiles on the floor, the pattern on your bedspread, the hair on your dog.
A welcome addition to the list is Raj Kamal Jha with his first novel, The Blue Bedspread.