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a furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodations (and some plumbing)

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ART TREASURE: Harold Gilman's Tea in the Bedsitter 1916-17 (S)
Al Stewart's 1967 album Bedsitter Images brings back memories of the 60s folk boom when he appeared alongside artists such as Sandy Denny, Jackson C Frank and Paul Simon at the legendary Les Cousins club in London.
She ate hardly anything and dressed so poorly in the wet freezing weather that the landlady of the upmarket Holland Park house in which she rented a pleasant bedsitter thought she must be very poor and offered her a smaller, cheaper room under the roof-beams.
One can see a sophistication in the psychological underpinnings used by the author and in the narrative device of having the male twin, Chandan, writing the play in his bedsitter in the suburbs of London as a catharsis to his own tormented being.
I found a bedsitter in the student quarter of the West End, only about a mile from where I'd been born.
The Huddersfield Art Gallery paintings include Pendent, produced by Edward Wadsworth in 1942, Moorland Benediction, by Sonia Lawson in 1985, Tea in the Bedsitter, a 1916 work by Harold Gilman, John Atkinson Grimshaw's Silver Moonlight from 1886 and Diptych for a Tame Spider, produced by Alan Davie in 1967.
With his distinctive voice, only the cynical could fail to have been transported back to the early 80s by songs such as Bedsitter and Tainted Love - delivered in a rockabilly style.
There's been a recent boom in books offering money-saving tips for feeding your family, such as Ministry of Food: Thrifty Wartime Ways to Feed Your Family Today, a collaboration between the Imperial War Museum and Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, or cheap cooking for one, such as the reprinting of Cooking in a Bedsitter.
The setlist spans his career from 1967 debut Bedsitter Images to 1996 album track The Coldest Winter In Memory, taking in fan favourites like Last Days Of The Century, Carol and Warren Harding.
The duo's hits included the number one Tainted Love, Torch, Say Hello Wave Goodbye, and Bedsitter.
In The Bedsitter, Hancock roams around endlessly until the phone rings and the Svengali swings into action.
Subtitled Disreputable Travels, it could be described as a journey of self discovery for a pop superstar who with his fellow Cellerman Dave Ball wrote some of the most haunting anthems of the early 1980s -- Bedsitter and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye among them -- but by the century's end was in mid-life crisis.