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space by the side of a bed (especially the bed of a sick or dying person)

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With sixteen years of curating and placing books in hotels throughout the Hamptons and now with the Bedside Reading program which places books by the bedside in 5-star luxury hotels, Madison & Mulholland reveals it's favorite books of the season.
Bedside shift report has been identified as an indispensable component in the efficient transfer of clinical information between healthcare providers (Anderson, Malone, Shanahan, & Manning, 2015).
US-based rehabilitation therapies provider Bioness, Inc has begun shipping the Bioness Integrated Therapy System with its new Bedside and Mobile hardware configurations to domestic and Canadian customers, with EU shipments beginning in August, the company said.
Patients, students, residents and teachers all seem to favour bedside teaching for varying reasons.
And because the qualities of deep intimacy--such as kindness and compassion--are the qualities of an awakened heart, it would serve us well to practice giving and receiving care at the bedside.
Students believed that bedside teaching is valuable for learning essential clinical skills.
The sample consisted of 72 registered nurses (RNs) who consented to recording bedside shift handoffs in a medical-surgical unit in a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the southeastern US.
Despite great advantages of bedside report, many RNs are reluctant to change their current handover style.
This creates added complexity for the nursing staff when attempting to identify which house staff to notify should a clinical question or concern arise, creating patient care delays with the nursing staff spending valuable time on the phone instead of at the bedside caring for their patients.
MY daughter has been looking 9for a bedside table with a drawer to fit in a space that's a maximum of 32cm wide.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-September 6, 2011-JAOtech and Hospedia install 6,500 NHS patient bedside terminals(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
One way nurses can promote a more collaborative, family-centered approach is to allow families and patients to participate in change-of-shift reporting through bedside reporting.
The importance of bedside teaching is also being ignored.
Announcing this on Tuesday, Abbot said that the new i-STAT 1 Wireless handheld will allow real time transmission of diagnostic test results generated by i-STAT 1 directly from the patient bedside.