bedroom community

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a community where many commuters live

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However, a definition for bedroom community does appear online through Dictionary.
Being a pilot, I am willing to give those two men credit for not seriously hurting a single person in the middle of Silver's bedroom community.
The reclaimed land would be ideally suited as a bedroom community for Manhattan financial district workers or employees of the many corporate back-office facilities that have been relocated to Jersey City and Hoboken from New York.
The company announces a new Port City Java(R) Coffeehouse Cafe has opened in Hampstead, NC, which is a bedroom community of Wilmington, NC, the home market for the company.
We have become a bedroom community where people travel as much as 150 miles to get to their jobs and back, placing them on the freeway two to four hours a day.
Fairfield County is no longer just a Manhattan bedroom community," said Mowers.
Originally established as a farming community, Turlock has not only seen its own economy diversify but has also grown as a bedroom community to the San Francisco Bay Area labor market due largely to its relative affordability.
Under President Roy Patrick Disney and former president Richard Bogey, the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce has been guided by men whose family histories in the bedroom community predate the chamber's existence.
Butts said Harlem can become the bedroom community for Southern Manhattan.
What that might mean, Kyser said, is that commuters will start traveling to jobs in the Santa Clarita Valley, not long ago a bedroom community that saw streams of traffic heading out of town each morning.
The district serves a mature bedroom community to greater Los Angeles and is experiencing steady assessed valuation gains, rising nearly 7% in 2005, reflecting ongoing residential development.
Benton Cooperative currently serves 5,000 telephone subscribers in a growing bedroom community just minutes north of St.