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bedding rolled up for carrying

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It has been more warmly received than Bedroll Bella.
At any rate, my father deemed it to be the perfect young waterfowler's bedroll.
Another time, while sleeping on a shared bedroll, a handsome soccer player puts one foot on his and "tugs at my pants to pull me towards him.
Instead of a two-bedroom 1,800-foot place with Marina and partial sea view, it's a bedroll in a maid's room in Al Ghusais.
After he returned from a river crossing, Stinson went to retrieve his bedroll from a supply dump.
It's sure to be required reading, something that perhaps could not be said about one of Sid's earlier work called Bedroll Bella, about the bed hopping antics of wild teenager Bella.
Almost a year passed by before Maria managed to locate Aisha who was living with an elderly relative who grudgingly gave her two meals a day and a bedroll in the kitchen.
Their meaty filling clung loyally to the bedroll of crispy wrap, even when dipped into the zinging chilli sauce.
Clothing and bedding-a change of clothes and a sleeping bag or bedroll and pillow for each household member
In a moonlike landscape, I unfurled my bedroll under the eerie glow permeating the heavens and combed the fragments of barely cooled, airborne scoria from my hair in the morning.
All night long, adults and children would visit his makeshift bedroom -- a closet where he laid out his bedroll.
In May 1949, she set off in good spirits from Mascouche, Quebec, carrying a bedroll, a rifle, camping equipment, clothing changes, tack and $100, a fortune to her.
In the film, it is the mountain's biting cold that brings Ennis and Jack together, if only for the warmth of human connection in a bedroll.
Various items conjuring both domestic and nomadic life--a desk and chair, toys, dishes, a bedroll, suitcases--are attached to these lines so that when a motor in the barriers is activated, the objects crawl slowly in one direction, then in another.
A sniper's rifle with night-sight nestled under his bedroll in the back of his four-wheel drive utility truck.