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bedding rolled up for carrying

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It has been more warmly received than Bedroll Bella.
In May 1949, she set off in good spirits from Mascouche, Quebec, carrying a bedroll, a rifle, camping equipment, clothing changes, tack and $100, a fortune to her.
Various items conjuring both domestic and nomadic life--a desk and chair, toys, dishes, a bedroll, suitcases--are attached to these lines so that when a motor in the barriers is activated, the objects crawl slowly in one direction, then in another.
In 1973, Sid's novel Bedroll Bella, about the sex and drugs exploits of a Tyneside teenager, was shunned by two leading chains of booksellers.
I'll always be able to say I was here watching on the day it began to happen," said Mark Dickinson, 32, his bedroll thrown over his shoulder.
Christine and her dad got a board for under an ocean-blue bedroll from Urban Outfitters.
Its bedding offerings include the DreamSack, a silk, twin-sized deluxe traveling bedroll for $65 that folds to the size of a popsicle for easy packing.
For about $50, a pilgrim gets a round-trip chartered bus ride, three meals and a bedroll in a communal room in the shrine hostel or on the floor of the living room of a parish family's home.
They would probably wait until well after dark to come in, planning to catch you wrapped up in your bedroll sound asleep.
Participants in the ride are required to provide their own horses (some are available upon request through McArthur) and personal equipment including a tent or canvas bedroll and sleeping bag.
You might call it "squatter's rights," for I have camped here in tent and bedroll since 1928, before I was old enough to walk.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Ebedroll Kit Bedroll Kit Required At Departmental Units Of Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Ltd Under North Zone For A Period Of One Year
There is a built-in, stow-away meat shelf, side wing pockets fleece-lined to protect valuables such as spotting scopes, with multiple compression and extension lashing straps for adding shed layers or a bedroll.
At present, RAC passengers are not provided with bedroll facility in AC classes ( except AC chair car) since one berth is shared by two RAC passengers," the railway ministry said in a statement.
He untied his bedroll and shook out his mosquito net.