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Synonyms for bedrock

Synonyms for bedrock

solid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil

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In zone C cleavage of next bedrock package occurs, wherein its geometry is determined by full displacement angle (along the wall length) and stable flow along excavation column (which depends on thickness of the cleaved bedrock package and its mechanical characteristics).
Freeze presents the Bedrock Warehouse Party with John Digweed, Friendly Fires (DJ set), Neil Barnes, Mark E, Thomas Tuft and Greg Wilson at Camp and Furnace tomorrow.
In the case of periodic bedrock ridges, Montgomery believes high surface winds on Mars are deflected into the air by a land formation, and they erode the bedrock in the area where they settle back to the surface.
CUTLINE: (1) The 187-yard, par-3 fourth is the signature hole at Bedrock Golf Club.
A three-dimensional map of the bedrock topography was created using the computer software programs C-Map and Surfer (Figure 2).
These systems included bedrock and a glacial-drift aquifer.
In particular, the isotope CI occurs in very small amounts in most rocks, but is found in high numbers in seismically altered bedrock.
As John Denton's diagrams show, the core, rising from an independent pad at bedrock level, is strengthened by transfer slabs at intermediate points above.
The bedrock under the Petronas Towers is buried even deeper.
To help advisors navigate the social security election, Bedrock Capital Management will host a free webinar on Wednesday, October 26th from 2 to 2:30 PM PT on how to make the most of social security benefits.
Perforce and Bedrock share a rich history in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry, where the large number of files involved in each chip design-coupled with the growing sizes of design files and geographically distributed teams-has created the need for secure, seamless management of large volumes of binary content.
Washington, Dec 10 (ANI): Data from the GPS stations has indicated that an unusually hot melting season in 2010 accelerated ice loss in southern Greenland by 100 billion tons - and large portions of the island's bedrock rose an additional quarter of an inch in response.
RUTLAND - You can get a good look at Bedrock Golf Course by playing the well-groomed, 3,163-yard nine-hole course.
8 billion in annual gross revenues and accounts for 275,000 private sector jobs, according to Bedrock of the Economy: The New York City Building Industry, an industry profile released this week by the New York Building Congress.
The company maintains that the chemical isn't leaving its property because it is soaked up and trapped in the porous bedrock beneath the surface, but regulators say Boeing has yet to prove that theory.