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Synonyms for bedridden

confined to bed


Synonyms for bedridden

confined to bed (by illness)

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In his hand-written letter to a friend, Brady revealed: "I'm still bedridden and now have a chest infection.
Tahsin E[currency]ahinkaya (89), who was also sentenced to life imprisonment in the same trial by the 10th High Criminal Court in Ankara, is also bedridden at GATA and suffering from an undiagnosed illnesses.
And Ms Sarginson described the pensioner as a "disabled, bedridden man who could not fend for himself".
An elderly, bedridden gentleman had the tops of his ears severely chewed, his head badly bitten and a very bad wound in the throat," he said.
My mum is vulnerable, she is bedridden 24/7 through no fault of her own and she didn't deserve this," she said.
It was a day that Fara Howell thought would never happen as she bravely battled a kidney disease that left her desperately ill and virtually bedridden.
An investigation into a serious sex attack on an elderly, bedridden stroke victim in her care home was continuing today.
She and the great Mary Louise Wilson as bedridden but still domineering Big Edie are suitably hilarious and pathetic while preserving the mystery of a mother-daughter bond that nurtures and suffocates them both.
Author Stuart Muszynski, bedridden for over a year with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, visualized his grandmother's life and home town in Poland, and the ethical values that inspired five Christian families to hide her and his parents during the Holocaust.
It is ideal for the nutritional fortification of the elderly who are bedridden or have difficulty in chewing.
Certain problems affect people as they age: obesity in children, diseases related to lifestyle choices in middle-aged people, and the possibility of becoming bedridden in later years.
After learning from a resident that an elderly bedridden woman was still inside, Officer Farnham immediately ran to the rear of the residence and forced entry through a door.
40pm A WOMAN resigned to nursing her bedridden older husband is swept off her feet by a handsome stranger and soon realises she's falling in love - but guilt and responsibility get the better of her.
Elbowlift makes weight shifts less painful for those who are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.
One writer was recently bedridden for a week by the nasty flu that's spreading throughout the country.