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any of 4 vertical supports at the corners of a bedstead

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FORMER Birmingham City soccer star DJ Campbell paid a pounds 5,000 bail bond after his best friend was caught with a cocaine stash hidden in his bedposts.
The player has an impressive array of blunt objects at his or her disposal--electric conduits torn right off the wall in passing, bedposts, toilet seats and prosthetic legs.
99 Light up the room with this silver and black jewelled lamp, Homebase; pounds 3 These butterflies are a great way to add sparkle to your bedposts, Woolworths; pounds 55 You'll be the golden girl in this hooded metallic jacket, Golddigga; pounds 19.
Dried flowers can also be used to decorate lamps, lampshades, strung on mantels, around pictures, mirrors, bedposts, etc.
He claimed that: "Abi Titmuss has been tied to more bedposts than David Blunkett's dog.
During the night, the bedposts at the foot of your bed should be propped up on wooden blocks, or pillows should be placed under your feet and legs so they are lying in a plane above chest level.
Simpson determined that four supports, which Young had thought to hold the bedposts, actually had steadied the coffin for display.
Methinks men who get off on using their plums as pincushions, not to mention those who like being whipped and tied to bedposts, shouldn't be surprised when the "pain is the ultimate pleasure" principle backfires and they get whacked over the head with a baseball bat.
Lay the bedposts (52" willows) on the floor or on a large workbench.
In the guest bedroom, two dainty little girls with long eyelashes and party dresses stand next to bedposts that are strung with pearls, porcelain candy canes and garlands.
Wrists tied to the bedposts, Raymond (Daniel Gadouas) groans in apparent pain.
Soon email chat turned to saucy text banter with a doctor called James and within weeks Caroline found herself tied to the bedposts in a hotel room.
My little sister's hands Tied to the bedposts by our mother To
They got me into bed and then tied me to the bedposts.