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any of 4 vertical supports at the corners of a bedstead

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Audience members can expect upgrades in this new facility, which features extra bathrooms, a larger square footage of space, more parking, limited pre-purchased seating, and a press box; all while maintaining the intimate setting that a BedPost Confessions storytelling show requires.
Drogheda's campaign has been the year's feel-good story, veteran boss Mick Cooke taking them to such heights after the club had not so much flirted with extinction but got it within an inch of the bedpost.
Shocked to discover that a recent drunken fumble with her boss takes the notches on her bedpost to 20, a worried Ally enlists the help of bed-hopping next-door neighbour Colin (Chris Evans) to re-evaluate the suitability of her old flames as partners.
He said: "I have had girlfriends but my bedpost has very few notches compared with other actors.
Welsh lothario Steve has a knack of pulling gorgeous women and Simon doesn't want his beloved Chezza to be the latest notch on his bedpost.
there's hundreds of them and he says it's a much more flattering way of remembering a lover than putting a notch on a bedpost.
I seem to remember that the media admired George Best when he put another notch on his bedpost.
He had fallen and cut his face on bathroom scales, then hit his head on a wooden bedpost before going downstairs and collapsing in the hall.
The other main hits from the album were Cumberland Gap and Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Over Night)?
TELLYromeo Steve Jones must be running short of space on his bedpost - but he's not ready to settle down just yet.
Of course, Occam's razor would suggest that men and women are exaggerating and downplaying their bedpost notches, respectively.
An emergency services source said Billy Kirby was found hanging from a bedpost by a tie at the property in Bevendean, Brighton, on Saturday afternoon.
When she finally convinces him to unmask, however, Trish flees the seduction, refusing to become another notch on the notorious actor's bedpost.
Carpenter's pathetic neediness becomes more pronounced as the bedpost notches increase.
Medieval lore urged unmarried women to tie a holly sprig to the bedpost to avoid being turned into a witch, and it was said that a young girl would dream of her future husband if she tied nine holly leaves in a three-cornered handkerchief and did not speak until dawn.