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a shallow vessel used by a bedridden patient for defecation and urination

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Other efforts to reduce waste include having fewer warehouse deliveries per week, which not only reduces packaging materials but reduces gas consumption for delivery trucks; sending rechargeable batteries to a Canadian facility that otherwise cost $1,000 or more annually to remove; and the use of bedpans and wash basins made of recycled paper and beeswax that can be rendered into pulp and flushed down the toilet.
In addition to the single-use, oxo-biodegradable covers for bedpans and commodes, the Hygie Hygienic Cover System includes specially designed bags for bedside urinal and emesis applications as well as a full line of supports, commode chairs, dispensers and scales for measuring patient urine output.
A stint in the Royal on the bedpans for health minister Andy Burnham, school and children's secretary Ed Balls manning the ball pond down the Wacky Warehouse or perhaps equality minister Harriet Harman womanning the returns at M& S.
ALTHOUGH the word "commode" has connotations with bedpans these days, it was originally applied to a chest of drawers.
Items sought include hospital beds, children wheelchairs, Nasal cannula, Humidifiers, Oxygen cylinders, Phlegm aspirator, Phlegm collection receptacles, Aspiration catheters, Walkers, canes,, crutches, portable toilets, bedpans, urinals.
From matrons and bed sheet corners, bedpans, sluice rooms and capes to today's nurses striking for their latest multi-employer collective agreement--Flo's sisterhood has changed
The worst job I ever had: Being the "Girl Friday" nurses' aide at a nursing home where I got donuts and coffee for the nurses every day, emptied bedpans, and checked patients for fecal impactions.
They deliver supplies ranging from bedpans to breakfast cereal direct to hospital wards.
It sources and delivers goods from bedpans to food to all health centres in the North West.
NHS Logistics supplies goods - ranging from bedpans to food - direct to hospitals and GP surgeries across England.
We still give baths and bedpans but we also protect the patient from further injury, provide education about disease processes and medications, monitor the patient's responses to treatments and medications, and assist the patient to maintain their dignity.
Clothes and bullets for the Army and bedpans and gurneys for the hospitals.
I wish he could change bedpans and help lift patients.
Nurses allegedly told her that because there were neither bedpans nor bedside commodes on the rehabilitation floor, she would have to walk to the bathroom.
Under the proposed serve-if-you-want-to-go-to-college plan, class tensions in civilian life would likely be exacerbated because a four-year college degree would become a six-year degree (with the first two spent peeling potatoes, emptying bedpans, or patrolling the streets of Baghdad), leading the college grad cohort to consider itself even more of an elite than it now does.