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Charlie Sloane's slate pencil, gorgeously bedizened with striped red and yellow paper, costing two cents where ordinary pencils cost only one, which he sent up to her after dinner hour, met with a more favorable reception.
I had a positive abhorrence for the painted, bedizened, dead- faced, glassy-eyed Egeria of Peter Ivanovitch.
It is secured in iron bottles, and valued at about six dollars per pound; is shipped principally to China, where it is used for making vermillion, with which colour that country is bedizened, from temples to teapots, from their celestial emperors to their portraits of imps.
2008: Roger Hiorns's Seizure, a South London council flat wholly bedizened with copper sulfate crystals, transmogrified into a glowing blue grotto .
Most vessels were not so bedizened, but plain working craft, carrying cargoes and fare-paying passengers, like the one that Jonah boarded in Jaffa outward bound to Tarshish.
Safety is always a consideration, of course, but every motorist can relate instances of police officers standing around at work sites already bedizened with caution tape, traffic cones and signboards, watching slow-moving rush hour motorists creep along and doing little, if anything, to direct traffic.
Throughout the years, it has been alleged that Alfred Tennyson's work is bedizened with its own share of "melodies and raptures and roses," and many would contend that they have found, rather than Thackeray's "clear clanging," what Everard Hall in Tennyson's "The Epic (Morte d'Arthur)" describes and dismisses as "faint Homeric echoes.
In one box he sits atop a sight-seeing bus bedizened by the toppling towers of the Old Slave Market, St.
Look thy last on all things shitty While thou'rt at it: soccer stars, Soccer crowds, bedizened busheads Jerking over their guitars, German tourists, plastic roses, Face of Mao and face of Che, Women wearing curtains, blankets, Beckett at the ICA, High-rise blocks and action paintings, Sculptures made from wire and lead: Each of them a sight more lovely Than the screens around your bed.
streets and in the cafes of Jerusalem--tattered and bedizened like a