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confined to bed (by illness)

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1985), Joyriders (1986), The Belle of Bedfast City (1986), and Clowns (1996), deal subtly with various ignored facets of life in both Protestant and Catholic communities.
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1) Angel, a chow-shepherd mix, elicits a smile Sunday from Cory Callison, 9, bedfast until a heart can be found for a transplant.
Even when the men were bedfast, their monthly cost to the foundation was less than $75 per month, often considerably less.
In old age, death, property matters, spiritual advancing, retirement, having enough money to last throughout the rest of life, staying healthy, handle aging well, getting moved/worry about staying in same house, grandchildren's well-being, worry about becoming bedfast, medical expenditure.
Our nursing standard of care regarding postoperative activity is bedfast with bathroom privileges the first 24 hours, whether in the PACU or on the nursing unit.
He wanted to help clean, to care for others, but now he was bedfast.
5] The major rationale for their categories--which range from bedfast patients with metastatic cancer, to patients with dementia requiring longterm care, to patients with coma lasting longer than forty-eight hours--is cost control.
Bob not only delivered newspapers on his rounds, very often lighting fires, running extra errands and making tea for bedfast residents; usually elderly people who made no other contact during the day.
When John Funder arrives in town as a caretaker of his bedfast grandmother, everyone notices him, including Bran, a young blond man, who recognizes John as the gay movie star, Johnny Thunder.
If the patient is bedfast, ultra-absorbent pads or a fecal incontinence collector should be considered.
She was bedfast, looked as though she was dying, hardly able to take notice of her companion, visitors or her doctor.
5 7 6 Improved from usually being bedfast to being up and functioning.
When she was bedfast many years ago due to an injury, she began experimenting with card making, tearing magazine pictures into bird or flower shapes and gluing them to cardstock.
Follow-up Data BASELINE CURRENT Current # of members using dining areas 35 110 Number of members bedfast by choice 02 03 Number of members utilizing hypnotics 31 22 Number of members with in house pressure ulcers 08 03 Number of members with in house weight loss 16 11 Number of members displaying behavior symptoms 27 10 Number of members with UTIs 18 18 Number of members utilizing antipsychotics 28 24 Number of members that are depressed or anxious 91 55 Number of members that display mod to severe pain 48 31