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wet with dew


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Soft tears again bedewed my cheeks, and I even raised my humid eyes with thankfulness towards the blessed sun, which bestowed such joy upon me.
The young prince sighed deeply as he looked upon the countenance of the majestic swine; he thought of his royal father, and his eyes were bedewed with tears.
The old man rose from his bed: his forehead bedewed with the cold sweat of fear: and, bending before the child as if she had been an angel messenger sent to lead him where she would, made ready to follow her.
We were captivated by her reticence as she stood outside her home, breasts to her knees, a can in one hand, a cigarette in another, as she bedewed the pavement with expletives.
At these words this same brother wept and sighed, bedewed his sad cheeks with floods of tears.
9) Clearly, the 'taxonomy of the sublime' (10) that characterises early New Zealand writing, in which the bedewed, starry, silent, and shining landscape is peopled by an ethereal array of fairies, nymphs, sprites and goblins did little to satiate the new generation's appetite for the real.
Why should readers whose interests dictated the ideological maintenance of their material privileges acclaim the greatest enemy of mankind, "that robber thus with gore bedewed," and hence help "turn what some deem danger to delight"?
Perperia, all fresh bedewed Freshen all the neighbourhood; by the woods, on the highway.
From the inspiration of all this--as well as my own anxieties--words bedewed from me.