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the act of harassing someone

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Swan, "The Bedevilment of Cape Anne (1692)," Essex Institute Historical Collec-tions, 117 (July 1981), 153-77.
The common theme that runs throughout these three books concerns simulation and dissimulation, principally the role of bedevilment in underscoring divine agency.
Duberman's readers soon learn the bedevilment is in the vivid details he has tirelessly gleaned from a trove of diaries, letters, interviews, and publications.
As Carol Laseur points out, the title addresses both "content and reading positions," in that all the stories revolve around a ghost, who can act as a figure of bedevilment, and they simultaneously bedevil official history, as "an ongoing interventionist practice into a destabilizing of white Australian history as a master narrative.
Alas, no answers were provided, providing bedevilment for generations of scholars.
For Andrew Gow, Housman was "a rebel forced 'by man's bedevilment and God's' into unwilling conformity with standards which he condemned .
Those wishing to inflict their musical tastes on others can also now hook their Micros to a set of smart, colour-coded iTrigue speakers, allowing them to pump sonic bedevilment to the hapless throng within earshotSony Ericsson K750i from pounds 50 08705 237 237, sony-ericsson.
A sort of Beaufort scale of bedevilment would be useful for football writers I would think.
Only then did many of them, to their bewilderment and bedevilment, experience the rushes and longings of long-stalled erotic needs.
For Farrakhan's followers, Jewish bedevilment of black life is simply historical and "factual.
It is widely held (by me, anyway) that whoever invented this bedevilment must have been the same sadist who developed mustard gas for World War I.
By recreating Rachel as Vashti," Stokes writes, "Bronte was invading Lewes's special territory and, in the bedevilment of his critical categories, asserting the validity of her own creative conflicts.